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What!? My Boyfriend in the Feudal Era is Proposing To Me in Front of My Boyfriend in the Present!

*The audience claps as Maury walks onto the stage wearing another one of his gray sweaters/shirts.*

Maury: Today on my talk show we will be revealing a deep secret of InuYasha’s. And will be introducing Hojo to InuYasha. Okay!
Everyone welcome Hojo!

*The audience applauds as Hojo walks onto the stage and sits in the seat closest to Maury*    

*Some school girls in the crowd are going wild*

Hojo: Hi Maury, nice to be on the show today.

Maury: Yea, sure, whatever.... Now let’s get on with the show! Hojo, so you and Kagome are ‘going out’ correct?

Hojo: Yes, is that why you called me onto your show?

Maury: Of course! But we have a surprise!

Hojo: Oh no! What is it?!

Maury: Let’s bring out InuYasha!

*"InuYasha! InuYasha!" The crowd chants as he walks out.

Kikyo screams in the audience “InuYasha, if this is anything bad I’ll pin you to the tree again”*
InuYasha: Hey, who’s this guy? *pointing to Hojo with a surprised look on his face*

Hojo: I’m Hojo, Kagome’s boyfriend! Why are you here?

InuYasha: I have something to tell Kagome!

Maury: InuYasha! Take a seat! Gosh, you whiney butt!   Anyway, so InuYasha, you are Kagome’s protector and lover right?

InuYasha: Right, that’s why I’m here, idiot!

Hojo: Hey that’s the same question you asked me! I didn’t know she was two timing one me with this creep!

InuYasha: Watch who you call creep! I can rip you to shreds!

Maury: Okay hot shots! Calm down! And let’s bring out Kagome!

*"InuYasha, this better be good!" said Kikyo*

InuYasha: Pipe down I’m soooooo over dead girls!

*Kagome walks on stage and all the guys start whistling*

*Kagome sits right next to InuYasha and lets out a relieving sigh*

Kagome: Hi InuYasha! And Hojo?! Oh crud...

Maury: Hojo this might come to a shock to you, but Kagome has been seeing InuYasha in another era, and for InuYasha, when Kagome comes home she goes and sees Hojo.

InuYasha and Hojo: What?!?!

Kagome: It’s true, but I don’t love Hojo like I love you, InuYasha.

Hojo: Why did you lead me on like that.... Kagome.... I really liked you...

InuYasha: HA! In your face Hojo! She loves ME!

Hojo: Aren’t YOU mad that Kagome was CHEATING on you!?

InuYasha: You might want to restrain Kikyo about now!

*The security guards take hold of Kikyo*

InuYasha: Well I was cheating on her for a little while... but she knew about it and still loved me!

Kagome: Yea, sorry Hojo, but I just didn’t want to let you down... but you’re a great person!

Hojo: Well, that’s a GREAT let down! InuYasha, I might still like her but you can have her!

*Hojo crawls off into a corner on stage and starts crying*

InuYasha: I can’t believe you crybaby!

Kagome: Oh Hojo, I’m so sorry. InuYasha, I’m glad you understand!

InuYasha: Well Kagome, I have something to tell you.

Maury: Okay everyone! If I lost you, now is the time to listen! Ooo, I love when people get hurt! Muhahahahaha!

Kagome: Oh InuYasha what is it....

InuYasha: Kagome... *gets on his knees* will you marry me?

Hojo: *GASP! And starts bawling even louder*

*The set is silent waiting for an answer*

Kagome: OH MY GOSH!!! InuYasha... I’m so.... happy :o)

InuYasha: Well...

Kagome: I will accept..... when I’m out of school....

InuYasha: Wh...Wh...What?! Why not now?!?!

Maury: Ooo, what a let down! Man, that’s a slap in the face!

*Some of the audience is booing and some are just surprised.*

Kagome: Well I’m only 16! I’m not going to get married so soon! Besides if I did get married you would have to live in my era!

InuYasha: Well you don’t have to go around biting people’s heads off!

*Kikyo is screaming and is in chains in the audience*

Kagome: Oh InuYasha, I’m so sorry... KIKYO SHUT UP!

InuYasha: It’s okay, I love you!

Maury: Okay, okay! Gosh you “people” are weird. Kagome have you noticed that Hojo has left?

Kagome: Oh shoot! Poor guy...

InuYasha: Forget about him, I’ll keep you safe! *grabs Kagome and holds her* It’s me you want to be with!

*AHHHHHH! Screams Kikyo*

Maury: Maybe my next show should be with Kikyo, she’s interesting.

InuYasha: Get over it Kikyo! Gosh your as dumb as Kagome used to be!

Kagome: What’s that supposed to mean!? InuYasha, I need to ask you something.

InuYasha: What is it, Kagome? *asked in a sensitive voice*

Kagome: Will you still get jealous when Miroku touches my butt or when Koga tries to claim me as his own, because Koga’s not that bad. He even does help out sometimes.

InuYasha: What! Koga! I still won’t let him lay a finger on you!

Maury: Hojo! Hojo! Oh my gosh where’s Hojo!

*Hojo is in the back flirting with a few hot school girls*

Maury: This has just come in, we have just found out that Hojo has been cheating on Kagome as well!

Kagome: And he went crying in a corner!

*Kikyo escaped from the chain and is running toward InuYasha*

Kikyo: How could you do this to me!?

Kagome: Stay away from him! *jumps in front of InuYasha* You’re dead anyway!

InuYasha: Why don’t you go see Hojo!

Kikyo: Maybe I will!! *stops and runs to Hojo*

Maury: Well time’s running out so catch you next time on The Maury Show!

Kagome: Let’s go to my house InuYasha and I’ll fix you some of my great home made cooking!

InuYasha: Okay, but as long as you make me some of that delicious RAMEN!

Kagome: Oh InuYasha! You’re so spoiled!

Kikyo: Hojo! Wait don’t run! I LOVE YOU!!!

Hojo: Get away from me!
This is my second story of my little InuYasha talk show fanfic...
This is where Inuyasha proposes to Kagome in front of Hojo...Hojo doesn't take this very well because Kagome says she loves Inuyasha...but something very surprising happens to Inuyasha!

Hope You Guys like this one two!

Note:The sequel to Help! My Boyfriend's Cheating on Me With My Reincarnation
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blazerules34 Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
This is so funny!
DeryanN12 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Aww thank you. (:
blazerules34 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011
Your welcome (:
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Broken-lost-Soul Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
*LAUGHS* This one is funnier that the other one! XD Though it seemed to be a bit of Kikyo bashing and I'm a Kikyo fan bt it's still really funny. ^_^
DeryanN12 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2008
Hehe...Thanks and sorry about the whole "Kikyo bashing" thing...I couldn't think of anything else! Thanks again for the comment!
You rock for that!

ResidentEvilLegacy Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2008
I mean put me in your story.I'll be a Stone Cold Steve Austin Type wrestler and I start a stunner fest.
DeryanN12 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2008
i'll try...hehe
ResidentEvilLegacy Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2008
Put me as a special.
DeryanN12 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2008
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